Home Warranty Information for Realtors

Invest in your reputation and your clients’ happiness by offering a home warranty service contract from Choice Home Warranty. With a home warranty, you’ll be able to reassure your clients, both buyers and sellers, that most major home repairs will be covered during the real estate transaction process and long after it’s done.

Home warranty service contracts offer repair or replacement of important appliances and major systems in a home. With this coverage, buyers and sellers are protected from the cost — and hassle — of major repairs that occur before, during, and after the sale of the home. New homeowners are reassured that the home they’ve just purchased will remain in good working order with minimal cost, and sellers can offer their home for sale with more confidence knowing that important repairs will be covered.*

Realtors can greatly benefit from offering home warranty coverage to clients. Research shows that homes with warranties will sell for an average of $2,300 more than homes without warranty service contracts, and 11 days more quickly. This allows you to move home inventory faster, earn higher commissions, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done a better job for your clients.

Realtors selling previously owned homes can especially benefit from a home warranty service contract. With previously owned homes, buyers are likely to experience a breakdown of a system or appliance within their first year of homeownership — a situation that may not make them feel good about their new purchase. But with a Choice Home Warranty service contract, major problems are taken care of, and new homeowners can remain happy with their new investment, protecting your reputation and client relationship.

Put Choice home Warranty in your corner, and offer your clients extra assurance and coverage that makes real estate deals work more smoothly. You can protect every home you sell with Choice Home Warranty’s service and enjoy a better reputation, higher commissions, and faster closings.

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